More plans for the Precious Engine

It just warms my heart when I open my email in the morning and see messages discussing the Precious Engine functionality and discussing how to use the engine well.

I’m currently scheduling my time to work on a “major” update, that is said for the Android game engine that I’m working on. Precious Drop 2.0 would have more important features that will ease up game development a bunch.

Because sincerely, developing Precious Drop was a bit tedious since it missed some important features, one of those features that I really.. really wanted was the “World Editor” because I literally had to encode all the levels manually! Can you imagine I designed thirty levels by hand, and I hardcoded entities positions into the game which was very messy to be honest.

There are other important features that relate to architecture and performance that I would definitely work on to bring a sense of “professionalism” in this small engine.

Stay tuned for the feature list of Precious Engine 2.0.

As always your suggestion are welcome!

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