Working on my first Android game yet!

I’ve been working on first game for the Android platform for few weeks now. I got my Nexus One phone last month and started building my game’s engine on 27th of August 2010. And since then I’ve been doing a lot of work on this game and I’m happy for the progress I’ve done so far. I want to build several games with less effort and so I’m building a reusable 2D game engine and I plan to release to the community once I’m done.

Currently I’m working on the game mechanics, that’s the key features of the game without giving much of thought to art work of the game, since it’s obviously the art work of a lazy programmer. Once I complete the mechanics of the game I’ll start designing the levels and from there I get to make the User Interface (UI) of the game and in the end making the game more efficient and there we’ve got an alpha!

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