Bahrain Game Developers meeting for the second time!

So it’s gonna happen again! The guys from Bahrain Game Developers have scheduled their next gathering to be on this Saturday (the 22nd of the June 2013)!

We like to call those gatherings because they are not your stereo-typed meetings. Where you have a corporate guy talking all business jargon stuff while people are sleeping in the back. Nah, they’re called gatherings because it’s all casual. A bunch of people discussing how to make games and everything related to that from art, music to programming. All in a very causal way where you can talk and and ask anytime without formalities.

This time the gathering is gonna be in VIVA’s Head Quarters in Seef District (next to City Center) in Bahrain, the event is starting at 4:00 pm and will end when people think they had enough! The event is free and open for everyone – for who’s interested in such a subject of course! If you have a Facebook make sure you RSVP to the event and and share the word! Here isĀ The Facebook Event Page.

If you’re gamer or just a person who’s interested in knowing how to make a game or curious about how people do it, make sure you barge in this Saturday, we would love to have you and hear your feedback.

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