Game design is amazing and so is Alex!

I have not written any new stuff for a while now, it’s been a couple of really busy months for me and Alex – our mighty game designer, the progress slowed down on the projects I’m enrolled in including Deadgear, but the good thing is that the progress is gradually increasing.

I believe that being a participant in any game project is a lot of fun, it’s not about the cash for me – at least for now, the thing is, working with other human beings to bring a concept out of the ashes into something tangible is just an amazing process or I may call it a “pipeline of thoughts”. You can either profit from such projects but most importantly, games tend to carry developers’ feelings, thoughts, efforts and tears, that’s why I need to reiterate on how much I think our upcoming game is amazing. Alex has done an amazing with the story line and the game design.

I’m actually a frequent reader at his blog, and one of the latest articles that I read there was: “Dead-Ends in Games, and How to Use Them”. Alex takes you into one of the main aspects in game design, this just shows how much of a thought game designers really put into a game, trying to shape many elements to fit several of types of audience, the causal and the hardcore.

In this screenshot of our upcoming game Deadgear, Alex shows you how a concept in game design called deadlock can be incorporated in games to allow more challenges. Anyway you may want to visit Alex’s blog, it has a lot of good stuff on game design, art and Deadgear.

Stay tuned for the game, people!

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