Working on Deadgear’s game mechanics

Me and Alex are working hard to complete Dead Gear – the indie game we are working on, and my goal for past months was to complete the platforming game mechanics of the game, and I can’t lie that Unity is just amazing for the job! It allows me to just attach components I’ve already wrote to several game objects, and this is the kind of usability you want to get out of a game engine.

Deadgear has a great story line that why I believe it’s important to support such a great story with great game mechanics, from visual feedback to gaming experience. The story line takes you among several huge rooms which seem to be technically challenging to implement somehow, technical challenges like keeping your player state and stats available between different levels with different objects, but I have to admin that Unity is aiding me along the way, with the ability to access any component that I wrote in any game object is something really powerful, yet scripting with C# adds makes the whole combination superb!

I intend to finish game mechanics as soon as possible so I can apply some of the new stuff I learned about AI, seems promising so far! Will keep you updated guys.

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