Working on Dead Gear!

So I’ve been very busy lately, working on a new project to expand my game play programming experience. Dead Gear is a new project that I’m serving as the only programmer and technical director, very ambitious project and a promising gameplay and story.

Dead Gear is a platformer game that in my opinion is one of the game ideas I’ve always wanted to work on, you know with simple controls but a strong story and other elements that support gameplay. Unity is our current development platform, and I would say it was a good call, Unity is so smart that is handles the platforming code you would normally write from scratch. It’s very awkward for me to use a 3D game engine just like Unity to function as a 2D game engine, even though I didn’t come up with tricks of my own but it’s still strange somehow to me.

2D toolkit is a wonderful tool that you must equip your game development arsenal with if you’re going 2D, 2DToolkit is a plugin for Unity that adds that support for 2D support on Unity allowing you to treat the engine just like your regular 2D engine but with the exception of being very easy yet powerful, 2DToolkit takes care of 2D sprites and animation. Unity and 2DToolkit are a definite combination to finish the job.

Dead Gear is not a AAA game, it’s a very promising indie project, the gameplay and story are so strong that you’ll get attached emotionally – at least I did. The project is still under progress but I’ll keep you updated.

Checkout the Alex’s blog, he writes all the updates and puts some mockups of the game:

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