Kinect has been hacked!

Just woke up yesterday to check my twitter, I was gazing for a moment at my tweets and caught a very funny tweet by some friend posting a video of a guy who has been able to hack “Kinect” and made an open source driver for it running on PC and Mac. You gotta laugh, hackers are lighting fast these day, it’s been only a week since the launch of Kinect in North America and it hasn’t even been released in Japan and Australia!

I’m sure this won’t have such a huge impact on Microsoft and particulary on Xbox, but looking at this from another angle, it provides a decent opportunity for the homebrew guys and developers of the supported platforms to check it out and to make some applications on it. And the way I see it, since Linux can now run Kinect I would say Kinect driver would be available for the PS3 real soon!

You can download the latest revision of the source code from this Git repository:

Thank you “Hector Martin” for making this possible! Guys make sure you check out his website:

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