One of the top technology experts in the region, a master in demystifying game-changing technologies

Ameen's portfolio just speaks for itself

local and International events with more than 5000+ attendees

Spoke on the AWS stage in Manama about digital entertainment, gaming and artificial intelligence to more than 2000+ attendees

Enlightening both excutives and developers worldwide

Delicately catering to both kinds is key to making real value in organizations

A tech-speaker in Bahrain's first game development conference ever, sharing wisdom on programming, engineering and architecting systems for 3D simulation.

MEGA LEBANON 2015/2016​

A game engine architect to talk among the best game developers of the world, coming all the way from the US, Europe and Asia to share the best of the craft in Lebanon. ​


An all-time favorite speaker at Bahrain's very own Tamkeen with talks on Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence in business.​

Unreasonable Thinking Summit 2018

An artificial intelligence expert to shed light on the latest technologies of the field and the applications in society and business.


Connecting the financial world with the latest technologies and business trends such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.​

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Random snippets from various events and occasions

Some of the sessions Ameen delivered recently

That's true, Ameen's has been pretty busy!
  • Cloud and AI:

    • The cloud and the digital entertainment spectrum – AWS Summit 2017 – Amazon
    • How AI really shines in the business of manufacturing – Tamkeen Global Entrepreneurship Week by Tamkeen
    • AI: Humanity’s last savior – Unreasonable Thinking Summit (UTS) by Falak Consulting
    • Artificial intelligence in the age of data – Arabian Gulf University (AGU)
    • Man versus Machine: The ethical dilemmas surrounding human evolution and survival – Bahrain Readers
    • Man versus Machine: The age of intelligence and automation – Bahrain Society of  Engineers (BSE) along with Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)
    • How artificial intelligence works emotional magic in games – Tech-no-disability
    • Artificial intelligence for finance – Ministry of Finance


    • Understanding Bitcoin and Ethereum – Bahrain Readers
    • Understanding Blockchain – Bahrain Readers
    • Blockchain 101 – Bahrain Polytechnic
    • Understanding Blockchain: A distributed trustless system – Corporate Hub 9


    Internet of Things (IoT):

    • The magic of the Internet of Things (IoT) – BNP Paribas’s Digital Week
    • Concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT) – Bahrain Society of  Engineers (BSE) along with Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)

    Game Development:

    • The business of making games – Tamkeen
    • The game development situation in Bahrain – BITS
    • Understanding game how game engines work – Dubai World Game Expo (DWGE)
    • A look under the hood of engines – GCC Game Conference (GCCGC)
    • Introduction to digital entertainment and game creation – Youth City
    • Introduction to game engines – Taa Alshabab
    • Game optimization 101 – Mena Games (MEGA)
    • Introduction into the Unity Game Engine – Vortex Gaming Centre
    • How to get yourself into game development – IGN Convention
    • Game development 101 – Animania Conventions
    • Starting game development – University of Bahrain
    • Understanding the hardware of the PS3 -University of Bahrain
    • PS3 Postmortem – Corporate Hub 9
    • 20+  programming workshops – Bahrain Polytechnic

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