Ameen Altajer


A technology speaker with a remarkable background

From Artificial Intelligence, cyber security, 3d Simulation to blockchain

Ameen is the CEO of INFINITEWARE, an artificial intelligence company with a remarkable track record with large clients such as Saudi Aramco, STC and the government of Bahrain.


Ameen’s experience spans multiple technical disciplines ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security and penetration testing, 3D programming and simulation, hardware design and programming.


Ameen is also a recognized international speaker who spoke in big conferences like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the annual World Game Expo (WGE).

Ameen Altajer


Some of Ameen's biggest clients and fans

Talks & Training

Whether you’re looking for a technology expert to talk in your event or give a training in your organization then look no further, Ameen got you covered.

The stage is Ameen’s second home, he’s super comfortable at delivering technology talks on stage in a very exciting fashion, if it’s your first time attending one of Ameen’s talks, you’ll be surprised, take our word.

It’s all about momentum, sincere thoughts, experience and excitement on stage, having Ameen as a panelist or a participant in your event satisfies all of these requirements, a true expert in a variety of technological subjects like the cloud, artificial intelligence, cyber security and blockchain, a leader by example.


Topics that Ameen has a vast experience in and talks about frequently


An expert in taming the most cutting-edge algorithms and technologies of artificial intelligence and automation, allowing you to automate your business workflow seamlessly.


An ethical hacker himself, Ameen knows the ins and outs and the state of the art tools of cyber offense, penetration testing and security defense, security is not a luxurious activity anymore, it's a must if you intend to survive.


A veteran game programmer and game engine architect who understands the most advanced tools and technologies in 3D simulation, education, games and training.


As somebody who worked in the banking industry for more than seven years, Ameen is really qualified in explaining the pros and cons of the modern financial system, and later explain how blockchain can be applicable to many applications.


A self-taught electronics engineer and a hardware designer with a vast experience in creating IoT tools, products and architectures that integrate well in your organization, Ameen has served as an automation manager in few national key Industry 4.0 projects.


A solution architect with a solid background in building robust and secure system architectures, it has always been very beneficial to master the skills and intuition of tearing down software using reverse engineering tools and methods, watch the magic.

Big Events & Big Courses

Checkout the biggest events that Ameen has been a part of and the training he’s been offering to big organizations.

The “AWS Summit” is one the biggest conferences in the world and one that Ameen has been a speaker in.

Ameen has also been part of Falak’s “Unreasonable Thinking Summit (UTS)”, a yearly conference that hosts extraordinary intellectual speakers from all over the world.


Look at what people have to say about Ameen
Ameen is the tech evangelist who can get things done. Ameen's unique combination of strong entrepreneurial skills, industry vision, and an exceptional passion for sharing have put him on the forefront of the tech evolution in Bahrain.
Rachad Saddi
Channel Business Development Manager
Ameen is a unique individual capable of self starting tech movements at a whim, I've been following his work for the last couple of years, and the growth he achieved on personal and professional levels are impressive.
Abdulla Hamed
Solution Architect

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